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Cristiano Ronaldo says, "The Saudi League is better than MLS"

Was that a message to Messi?

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The battle of the century to take the name of GOAT continues

In a recent commentary, Cristiano Ronaldo mentioned how the Saudi League is better than the MLS. In the past month we have seen news of the incoming of Messi to Inter de Miami of David Beckham. Was his comment intentional to bring down the retiree league in the United States?

Messi was recently presented in this past week's Gold Cup Final.

Many fans have continue to say Messi is already the GOAT by winning the World Cup. While other fans coming from Ronaldo continue to defend his winning mentality and his records to show he is the real GOAT.

Who do you think is the real GOAT in soccer?

Use our hashtag #PedosAjenos to see your responses!

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